Get that Summer Body Today!


Are you frustrated? Can’t get that summer body for years now? trust me , I know how you feel. I have been trying to get that summer body for 3 years now!

But alas!, I have found the remedy and I and going to help you my lovelies, to look good and feel good.

Part 1: Cardio Slim-Down


Pick three days each week to get in 30 minutes of cardio: Run, bike, swim, hit the elliptical, hike, play tennis, or try Lyons’s walk-to-jog Twist ‘n’ Sweat session, below. “It’s my go-to on the treadmill, but you can do it wherever you walk,” she says. “The intervals are digestible bits that make time fly by” — and the pounds peel off.

Twist ‘n’ Sweat

Start out at an easy walking pace for 5 minutes. Next, do this 5-minute series a total of 4 times.

Minutes 0-3

Go at just under the pace that you would break into a jog at. (If you’re on a treadmill, increase the incline to 2 or 3 percent and keep it there until it’s time to cool down.)

Minutes 3-4

Do side-to-side twists as you stride: Hold a light medicine ball in front of your chest if you’re on a treadmill (place it in cup holder or on floor after interval) or clasp hands together, centered just below chest, if you’re outside. Keeping hips steady, rotate upper body to left (as you step forward with left foot) and then to right (as you step with right foot) to complete 1 rep. Do 50 reps.

Minutes 4-5

Jog at a brisk pace.

Cool down with an easy 5-minute walk.

Calories burned: 152*

Part 2: Bikini-Body Shapers

Do the toning exercises on the following slides in order, then repeat the circuit once or twice to complete your workout. Aim for two to three shaper sessions per week on nonconsecutive days.

What you’ll need: A set of 3- to 5-pound dumbbells; a stability ball is optional.

Monkey Row

Targets: Triceps and biceps

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, facing a stability ball or bench, a dumbbell in right hand, arms by sides.
  • Engage core muscles and hinge forward at hips, placing left palm on ball for support, allowing right arm to extend straight toward floor.
  • Bend right elbow directly out to side, curling weight toward armpit.
  • Keeping right elbow still, extend arm directly out to side at shoulder level.
  • Bend right elbow to bring dumbbell back toward armpit, then lower weight toward floor.
  • Do 10 reps. Switch sides; repeat.

Booty Swirl

Targets: Hips and butt

  • Start on floor on all fours, hands under shoulders, knees under hips.
  • Lift bent right leg directly behind you so that thigh is parallel to floor at hip level, then draw a clockwise circle with right knee.
  • Do 12 reps. Switch legs; repeat.
  • Return to lifted right leg, tracing counter-clockwise circles.
  • Do 12 reps. Switch legs; repeat.

Three-Legged Dog

Targets: Butt, quads, hamstrings, and calves

  • Begin in downward dog: Get on all fours, then tuck toes under and take a few steps back as you lift hips to form an inverted V.
  • Maintaining V position, lift left foot off floor and extend leg upward behind you.
  • Do 5 calf raises on standing right leg, lifting right heel off floor, then lowering it.
  • Bend left knee and bring it in toward chest, then step left foot between hands.

Breast Stroke
Targets: Upper back, shoulders, and legs

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand, elbows bent by sides, so that weights are directly in front of chest, palms facing forward.
  • Lower into a squat, knees bent 90 degrees, and hinge forward at hips 45 degrees, keeping back flat.
  • Maintaining squat position throughout, extend arms overhead in line with back

Beach Ballet
Targets: Shoulders, abs, butt, and quads

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding a stability ball (or a single dumbbell or towel with both hands) with arms extended in front of chest.
  • Bend right knee up to hip height in front of you near ball.


Targets: Abs and obliques

  • Lie faceup on floor, arms extended behind head.
  • Lift torso off floor 45 degrees, bringing extended arms directly in front of you at shoulder level, as you bend knees 90 degrees and raise legs together so that shins are parallel to floor (V-sit).
  • Maintaining V-sit position, rotate shoulders and arms toward right and knees toward left.
  • Maintaining V-sit position, rotate shoulders and arms toward right and knees toward left.
  • Return to center and lower to start.
  • Do 12 reps.

Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up
Targets: Chest and abs

  • Start in full push-up position, balancing on hands and toes with arms fully extended, hands directly below shoulders. MAKE IT EASIER: Start in modified push-up, on knees.
  • Step left hand and right hand in toward each other so that thumbs touch when palms are down on floor below chest.


Targets: Abs and obliques

  • Lie faceup on floor, holding a single dumbbell in front of chest with both hands, elbows bent out to sides.
  • Bend knees out to sides and place soles of feet together. Crunch up, lifting shoulders and heels off floor a few inches.

Use This App Too!

30 Day Fitness Challenge: I personally use this and I can say that it really works!. Check the link below:



100 Cheap Things to Do in the Summer!!

  1. Go to a free music festival.
  2. Make makeup products
  3. Catch fireflies.
  4. Do a walking tour of your city.
  5. Pick strawberries.
  6. Go stargazing on a warm Summer night.
  7. Set up a lemonade stand in your neighborhood.
  8. Blow bubbles.
  9. Make popsicles.
  10. Wash your car.
  11. Pick wildflowers.
  12. Take a road trip to the nearest beach or lake.
  13. Ride a bike.
  14. Go canoeing.
  15. Practice yoga in a park.
  16. Visit relatives.
  17. Create cool things with flower DIYs.
  18. Throw a BBQ for friends and family.
  19. Take a day hiking trip.
  20. Attend a parade.
  21. Play minigolf.
  22. Make fun things with old pool noodles.
  23. Lie out at a community pool.
  24. Go camping.
  25. Fly a kite.
  26. Visit the library.
  27. Take a walk and listen to a podcast.
  28. Learn how to juggle.
  29. Upcycle your leftover fruits and vegetables.
  30. Pack a picnic.
  31. Join a recreational sports team.
  32. Go fishing.
  33. Visit a free museum.
  34. Jump rope.
  35. Take photographs in nature.
  36. Go to the zoo.
  37. Read a book that will change your life on a porch swing.
  38. Go to the drive-in movies.
  39. Play soccer.
  40. Skip rocks at a pond.
  41. Go grape stomping at a vineyard.
  42. Have a yard sale.
  43. Walk barefoot.
  44. Go swimming.
  45. Go to a baseball game.
  46. Take a nap in a hammock.
  47. Plan your next vacation.
  48. Clean up trash in your community.
  49. Try your hand at sculpting or pottery.
  50. Do some gardening.
  51. Upcycle your paint chips.
  52. Go to a petting zoo.
  53. Have a water balloon fight.
  54. Take your dog for a walk.
  55. Mow the lawn.
  56. Plant a tree in your community.
  57. Volunteer on a farm.
  58. Start a collection of things from nature.
  59. Play in the sprinkler.
  60. Sleep with your windows open.
  61. Feed the ducks.
  62. Make tie-dyed t-shirts.
  63. Help an elderly neighbor clean up their yard.
  64. Eat a slice of watermelon.
  65. Babysit a child and take them to a playground.
  66. Play disc golf with friends.
  67. Make DIY gifts for friends and family.
  68. Be a camp counselor.
  69. Go water skiing or jet skiing.
  70. Tour a brewery.
  71. Go see a Summer movie.
  72. Paint outdoor landscapes.
  73. Make a slip and slide in your yard.
  74. Find fun shapes in the clouds.
  75. Make your own garden
  76. Play a game of capture the flag.
  77. Catch butterflies.
  78. Learn to sew
  79. Window shop.
  80. Camp in your backyard.
  81. Build a sandcastle.
  82. Make a Summer playlist
  83. Participate in a scavenger hunt.
  84. Watch fireworks.
  85. People watch.
  86. Play flashlight tag.
  87. Give yourself a day to reflect
  88. Ride a roller coaster.
  89. Collect seashells.
  90. Press flowers to make bookmarks.
  91. Make your own skincare products
  92. Buy ice cream from a truck.
  93. Paint your toenails with bright Summer colors.
  94. Watch the sunset over water.
  95. Dance in the rain.
  96. Paint your furniture.
  97. Do DIYs
  98. Go to the farmers market.
  99. Have an outdoor tea party.
  100. Clean out your garage.
  101. Make wishes in a fountain.


Beauty Benefits Of Cucumber!

       Cucumber is a widely cultivated plant and also the oldest cultivated crops. It  belongs to the same botanical family as melons and squashes. It is very low in calories and rich in fiber,so makes a perfect diet food. According to World Health Food “Cucumbers are a valuable source of conventional antioxidant nutrients including vitamin C, beta-carotene, and manganese.” It also has a high amount of vitamin K. Cucumber peels are rich in dietary fiber that helps reduce constipation. We would have enjoyed cucumbers in fruit and vegetables salads, but do you know that it has lot of beauty benefits for eyes, hair and skin and is also a popular ingredient in many skincare products.


1.Cucumber in your diet– Beauty begins from inside. Cucumbers are 95%water, is a natural coolant and  helps in keeping the body hydrated. Because of the high water content, they help in cleansing the system of toxins.

2.Cucumber is a natural toner, has cooling properties and helps to improve a dull greasy complexion.  It is used as an astringent to cleanse the skin. Grade or puree cucumber in a blender,sieve and extract the juice. Apply the juice all over your face and neck, leave it for 30 minutes and rinse well with cold water. It also helps in cleansing the pores.

3.Cucumber is a great ingredient for lightening the skin. It is a natural bleach. Mix 3 parts of cucumber juice with one part of lemon juice and apply this mixture all over the face and neck leaving the eyes and lips. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash off with cold water. Use this face pack  regularly for best results.

4.Cucumber Yogurt Hydrating mask for dry skin-Cucumber juice mixed with equal quantity of  natural yogurt heals sunburn and also hydrates dry skin. It prevents blackheads and dryness.

5.Cucumber juice mixed with equal quantity of raw milk  helps in soothing sun burnt skin.

6.Cucumber for glowing skin – Make a face pack with cucumber juice, few drops of lemon juice, pure sandalwood powder and fuller’s earth powder. Apply it on your face and neck. Rinse it off after 15 minutes for a  youthful and glowing complexion. This pack helps oily skin and also lightens freckles.

7.If you suffer from oily skin, rubbing cucumber slices on the face helps remove extra oil from the skin.

Try The Cucumber mask Today!

Instructions : Blend the one cucumber , 1 cup of water, 1 lemon and strain. Use the contents as a mask and drink the juice!


More to What The Eyes Can See 😎

​You know what I love ? When someone tries and takes their time to get KNOW the real me . It’s difficult you know , when you have to explain to someone who you are and you can’t even do that fully, because it’s more than just an explanation , it’s more than that , it’s more than what the eyes can see. 
I remembered when a guy ( a potential boyfriend) asked me to ” tell him about myself “.  I really wanted to explain but I just could not find the words  , so I just told him to try and find out. 

However, that didn’t work out because he totally misunderstood me , and took me for the wrong type of girl. 

There are two different people in the world : 

1. The ones that  want to understand you 

2.  The ones that choose not to . 
Some people just tell themselves that they can’t understand you. And depending on how important you think the person is to you , You either alter the way you are or leave . This happens in plenty of relationships , not just the intimate ones. 

I mean, there is more to what the eyes can see ! 

You are more than just a pretty girl or cute guy 

More than just having a nice body or nice smile 

More than just being smart 

More than just being funny 

I know that deep inside, there is more to know and understand about  each of us and we keep it to ourselves , hoping that someone will make an effort to figure it out. Do you agree ? 

Don’t worry , the right people will come in your life .


How to get Thicker and Fuller hair (My Way) 

Hey Guys! So you know I blog about natural hair stuff right? Well now you know. I usually speak about my experiences since that is the best way to bring my message across efficiently

Sooo, this is a before and after picture of my hair From last year September 11 till Today (January 11) . That’s 4 months.

I’ve always struggled with growing my hair and thickening it. I also thought that my hair would be in the dormant stage FOREVER , because everything I tried just didn’t work.but ……you know the biggest reason why we don’t notice any changes? It’s because we try too hard!. I’ve been trying too hard for years and that’s why it didn’t grow. ( I think my hair has a kind of its own lol )

So I just did some simple things in my routine and here are some tips

1. Lay off the heat. Blow drying and flat ironing works wonders to straighten and smooth your hair, but the trade off is loss of volume. Try roller setting your hair instead, it is healthier for your tresses than using heat plus it helps the hair appear fuller and thicker. In addition, you can achieve several different looks by setting your hair: straight and bouncy by using large rollers and doing the silk wrap method, tousled and wavy with medium sized rollers or curly and springy with flexirods or straw sets.

2. Use castor oil. This is an age old treatment for hair growth and thickening. I am not sure exactly how or why it works, but several ladies on BHM have reported (with picture proof) longer, thicker hair growth by treating their scalps to a daily “greasing” with castor oil, sometimes accompanied with a scalp massage.

3. Snip your ends. You would be amazed at the difference a good trim can make in the appearance of your hair. If the last two inches of your hair is noticeably thinner than the rest it can make your entire head of hair look thin and wispy. Just let that hair go and instantly your hair will appear thicker and fuller. I did a trim I’m October and I believe this contributed to my hair being thicker and Fuller.

4. Vitamin supplementation. There are many vitamins beneficial for hair growth. Biotin is a popular option. I personally use Nature’s Bounty Biotin 5000mcg. I’ve only started using it since December and I’ve seen some good result!

5. Low manipulation & protective styling. This helps to avoid breakage. Hair that breaks mid shaft or near the root will cause your hair to be thinner. It is just mathematics – breakage equals less hair throughout the length, which means the hair is not as dense. This will cause the hair to be thinner. By doing low manipulation and protective styling you will reduce or eliminate hair breakage. Ive done ALOT of twistouts , buns ,Bantu knot out and I even wore wigs for the holidays .

7. Avoid chemicals. Even as a woman with relaxed hair, I recommend limiting your chemicals to achieve fuller hair. That can involve anything from transitioning to natural hair to stretching your relaxers beyond your normal touch-up threshold. This also applies coloring, keratin treatments and permanent curls. I definitely would not recommend double processing (using two chemicals on your hair, i.e. relaxing and coloring or BKT and bleaching) if you are concerned about thin hair.

Hope this helps! #StayRoyal

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Why Chase the “Fake” things in life? 

” I want a flat stomach”

I want a small waist like her ”

” I want a big butt ” ” I want long hair ” ” I want longer lashes ” and the list can go on and on and on.

Hey Ladies ! How are feeling ? How is your body feeling? How do you feel about your body ? 👀.

If not all, then most of us have that one thing that we would like to change or fix about our body . I mean, as females we are very self conscious , especially in these times where the big butt , small waist , long hair is trendy. We live our lives following trends and if we lose track of going on, we say we have no lives or as Jamaicans would say ” half Yuh life gone ” . But is it worth it ? To stress over what we wish to have but do not need ? Is it worth it? To hurt ourselves to have the features of some trend ? Some of you might say no , but in the back of your minds , it’s a yes!
I must confess, I am a guilty but I am also a victim . To wanted the most wanted body , to get all that attention . To have that look where it seem as if God himself took ALOT of time making me. But this scripture was always lingering in my head ” You are beautifully and wonderfully made”

Social media really brainwashed us. The constant pictures of ” The Kardashians and the models with their” perfect body”, and that having curves is the “in thing”. But guess what! We all have curves! It’s just that we have unique ones. I don’t think I’ve stressed this as much as I would want to , but you just need to be uniquely you. Emotionally , mentally and physically and accept the body that God has given you.
Young ladies , if he doesn’t love you when you’re natural, but loves you when you’re fake , then his love is just as fake. We don’t have to destroy who we are just to get a little attention. We don’t have destroy our bodies just to get some likes on Instagram or Facebook. Nothing is wrong with putting on a wig or a little makeup , but if you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin , your own hair , buttocks , breast, lashes , lips etc etc etc , then something is wrong with it. You have to love who you are !

And I can tell you , it’s extremely hard to ignore those “pretty girls on Instagram and how on fleek they look” But you can be on fleek too! You can be Friendly.Loving.Exuberant.Elegant.and Knowledgeable. You can be On FLEEK! .

We are all beautifully and wonderfully made and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We all have our insecurities . So do I , but as women we need to help each other, we need to uplift each other rather than competing . (Will be speaking about that soon)

We need to be our sister’s keeper. If we just accept that this is how are bodies are and be thankful that we have life then the world would be a better place.

There are so many other things in life that are important .What about your future ? , The life that you live, your education, career, loved ones, YOU. So many things. And if we constantly whine and get depressed about how ugly we think we are or how we are not good enough then we forget about these things. We forget about the life we have before us, the REAL things we have before us.

Why? Because we are chasing the FAKE things in life.

It all comes down to you and the decision you want to make. Are you going to drown in your tears because you can’t have that body or are you going to get up , fix your natural hair and chase after what really matters. It’s up to you

All I’m saying is that we don’t need to chase the “fake” things in life. Be Natural, Be Real , Be Unique ..Just Be You

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BreakUps? Dealing With It

Now , some of you right now might be “bawling” your eyes out because the person you thought was so important to you left…. Or you might be in some deep depression ….or might even become evil (not joking)

Well ,C’mon , you guys are young, it’s not like it the end of the world or anything. They are PLENTY of fish in the sea!. So stop drowning in your own tears or thinking of committing suicide.

Lol.. so , Let’s Be Real Here.

I understand that you might have loved the person so much that you would give up everything or you consumed so much time to have this perfect relationship, but you have to let go, you have to move on, As a strong and phenomenal women, we SHOULD NOT allow some breakup to bring us down, to destroy our lives …… to destroy us.

Okay, So I’m going to be honest, I had a terrible breakup and I did not know how to handle it, I cried , got angry, felt depressed , all of those stuff…..we are humans, we are emotional beings so it’s normal. However, I didn’t allow that to hinder me from the goals that I wanted to achieve, I didn’t allow that to change me into a terrible person. YOU HAVE TO LET GO!. Let go and instead of crying over someone who didn’t even love you in the first place… Start loving you!, love yourself more , because at the end of the day, it will always be you.

You might think that you wasted your time right? Our it was your fault right?. But if you spouse / significant other really valued and loved you, they would at least try to work it out. Moreover, some things are just not meant to be, or not yet. DON’T RUSH IT!. CHILL.

“The more you rush things, the more you waste your time”.#LetThatSinkIn

My Lovelies, there is so much more you can do with your life, so many things you can improve, to be a better person. Here are some tips on how to deal with breakups :

1. Cry all you want. Let the tears flow, it’s healthy you are releasing all that pain.( Don’t Cry Forever Though)

2. Do something everyday to help yourself heal. Exercise, read, watch some , learn to meditate and never underestimate the power of positive prayer. Pick things that you know will be fun or beneficial and do them. Don’t wait for the mood to come over you, take one action and then take another.

3. Find emotional support. Find family or friends, or even a therapist. Just don’t try to tough it out or go it alone, support from others is healing, even if those people never become close friends.

4. Keep busy. If you wake up early take a walk, go out to breakfast or do something around the house. Try a little “retail therapy” (go shopping) or enjoy the decadence of going to a movie in the middle of the day. Don’t sit in your room and ruminate, you have to free your mind so your heart can heal.

5. Don’t try to mask your pain by trying to find a replacement. We all know the term “rebound relationship” these happen when we (unconsciously) use another person to fill the gap that’s been created by the ending of a relationship. These transitional connections can feel healing in the short term, but if you don’t process your pain appropriately you will not be able to be in a fully committed partnership.

6. Don’t spend too much time alone. Hang out with friends or make new ones, go to coffee with someone you can talk to, volunteer in your community. You will need time alone, but if you isolate yourself you won’t be able to fully process your feelings or get the support you need to heal.

7. Trust your feelings. Even if you were taken by surprise by the breakup, your inner voice is telling you something. Listen carefully and you will hear that it will all be OK. You just have to let your feelings guide you.

8. Take your time. Don’t rush out and buy a new car or move to a new home or another town. Major changes like those are merely a way of avoiding your feelings. Believe that with a little time, patience and support you will feel better and find love again.

Trust that you were not put here to suffer and that your live will not just be OK, it will be wonderful. Love will come again and next time, if you have truly processed your feelings, it will be much better. Having to work through some alone time doesn’t need to be totally painful. Remember that even though change is mandatory, suffering is optional.

Hope this helps! Remember ” It’s Our Time. The Empresses To Shine, To Be Free, To Be Seen , To Be Queens” #StayRoyal

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About 3 years about , that was when I was 15, there was a rediscovery of trendy styles of cornrows and bun styles , I did it every single day and I’m not talking about lose buns …the were tight because I thought it was “neat”. Overtime , ofcourse my edges started to go away. You only could see little strands of hair , in reality and in my pictures , I looked like I shaved off the side of my head.


This was what it looked like about 2 years ago

Like ewww. So like last year. I tried to grow them back. “Tried”. I didn’t really care about my natural hair before , but I realized that your hair really contributes to your beauty. I started watching ALOT of YouTube videos and read natural hair blogs . Eventually I started taking care of my hair, but my edges didn’t want to grow back!. I was really frustrated man .

When your so happy with your Braids and Sew ins….

Every summer I would put in braids and every time I did not learn , because “it was trendy”. So all the time and effort to strengthen my hair was lost because I had in tight braids. Then! I got my first sew in , I was so excited guys , I was flaunting it , taking selfies everywhere but when I took it out , the sight gave me nightmares. (Bear in mind I textured a small section in the center to blend my hair in) #BadIdea

This was what it did to my edges . It Grew back though ,Thank God

Guys do not be like me , Care for your hair!

I literally had to start over my journey FOR THE THIRD TIME .


Step 1: Avoid any styles that put too much tension on this area

Stop continuously slicking your hair back into that way too tight bun. Avoid braiding your edges because this is entirely too much tension if you are noticing a thinning issue. You should probably stay away from braids but if you do decide that you must do braids for whatever reason, leave this section of your hair out.

Step 2: Reduce the amount of time you come into contact and manipulate your edges

It’s important that you stick to a low manipulation routine which means: avoid combing, brush, touching or picking at this area. The more you leave it alone, the more it will flourish. If you must smooth this area out, use a good moisturizing gel and wear scarf or wave cap for at least 30 minutes or so for laid edges.

Step 3: Pamper this area with moisture and nourishment

Moisturize and oil this area regularly. Castor Oil is a popular product for thinning edges and are said to stimulate hair growth. Just make sure when you massage your oils you are being very gentle, remember it is important that you practice low manipulation.

Step 4: The growth of your edges is going to take time and consistency

If you continue to avoid styles that put too much strain on your hair, reduce manipulation and nourish your edges they will grow back but it is going to take consistency. It may take a couple of months or more before you notice improvement, but it is well worth the wait.

The culprit of thinning edges is usually linked to the styles we wear and or chemical damage. Braids, braid extensions, weaves and really tight ponytails have a habit of pulling the hair and putting too much strain on the follicles. Over time if the hair is continuously being pulled out this will lead to permanent damage, so always keep an eye out for this. Relaxers or chemical treatments will also aid in weakening the hair further so if you are noticing thinning hair lay off all forms of chemical hair treatments.

Hope this helps!

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